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We just love ice cream!

The concept of Squeeze N Freeze started when our family couldn't decide on what kind of treat we all wanted.  Someone liked Ice Cream,  the others wanted yogurt and Mom and Dad of course wanted Gelato.  We are truly frozen treat lovers!  We already had a restaurant specializing in custom made to order Mexican food, so we decided to add a small parlor to the back of our business.  Well, the small parlor became anything but small.  We now serve 16 flavors of Ice Cream, 12 flavors of Gelato and over 50 flavors of Frozen Yogurt.  It doesn't end there.....We make decadent milk shakes, sundae's and more!  We decided to add fruit smoothies, Acai bowls and other healthy fruit treats for those seeking something on the healthy side.  Whatever we serve, we promise to make it from the freshest ingredients & with nothing short of perfection!


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